Why do you think Rhett leaves Scarlett on the road to Rough and Ready? What caused his sudden urge to join the rest of the Confederacy into fighting for a cause he always made fun of? He did know they were going to lose the war...
Hey everybody!!!!
So, everybody knows Rhett Butler. If you know Rhett, you probably also know Ashley. George Ashley Wilkes. (I don't know why he didn't go by George, its a much more manly name.) If you know Ashley, you know Stuart and Brent Tarleton. They know Frank Kennedy. There's also Charles Hamilton, Cade Calvert, Alex & Tony Fontaine, and Hugh Elsing. And the list goes on and on. Which GWTW guy would you want in your life?

(I personally like Rhett... of course hahah... and the Tarleton twins. :)
"I'll think of it all tomorrow, at Tara. I can stand it then. Tomorrow I'll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day." But what happens on that other day? Does she get Rhett back? What happens at Tara? If you've read the sequel, Scarlett, that gives you a partial answer. But in my opinion, that book isn't true to 'Gone With The Wind'. I mean, would Scarlett ever say "As much as I love Tara, it isn't home anymore." And what about Rhett? Would he ever say "My beloved, I can see that our lives are never going to be dull. I can hardly wait to get started." Um.. the Rhett Butler I know would NEVER say anything like that. So this blog is basically fan-fiction. Do you think that Scarlett will get Rhett back?
Heyy so I just decided to make a page where you can share your stories on how obbessed YOU are with Gone With The Wind, and how it has affected YOUR life. So just share your stories by commenting! Thanks! Hope you have fun :)