Heyy so I just decided to make a page where you can share your stories on how obbessed YOU are with Gone With The Wind, and how it has affected YOUR life. So just share your stories by commenting! Thanks! Hope you have fun :)


04/20/2012 00:00

Hey guys, watch my fan made video of "Gone With the Wind", http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JPZoiphYHk - Hope we can all be good friends, I'm a boy and I loved the movie and of course the book, I have both, and I always loved classic films, and one of them is this. From Philippines. :D

04/22/2012 17:52

Hey, I've watched your video, and I really liked it. Really good job. I'm not sure if you know this, but the Gone With The Wind Facebook page shared the link of your video; that's where I first saw it.
Good job! :)

04/22/2012 17:56

Hey, I forgot to ask. Would you like it if I put your video on my website under the 'videos' page?

Morte Imperator
02/19/2013 21:04

I've been wanting to respond to this for a looooonnng while but haven't had the time. Oh well before I get tooooooo busy again, here is how Gone With the Wind changed my life.

Gone With the Wind along with Saint Seiya (an anime/manga series) had made the greatest impact on my life as far as fictions go, Saint Seiya mainly for getting me into Greek Mythology and Astrology (which has gone from a mere-past time into an obsession for me).

I was actually a "Windie" about 8 years ago when I watched and fell in love with the movie. I got the book a few months later but at the time I was reallllllly lazy as a reader and only skimmed to my favorite parts from the movie to see the difference. Tried reattempts to read it but gave up before finishing Part 1 of the book. Finally this year out of both nostalgia and because of my interest in Astrology I gave the story another shot.

Linda Goodman stated in her book Sun Signs that the protagonist of Gone With the Wind, Scarlett O'Hara is the epitome of Aries women. So getting back into the story was partially because I wanted to understand the Aries girl more.

I first started my last (and only successful) attempt reading GWTW on a downloadable PDF but got so hooked with the story I burrowed a hardcover copy from the University Library and took the book with me, reading as much as I could in my free time.

The first time I read the book I cried as I read the Scarlett's thoughts at the end. DAMMMMN you Margaret Mitchell you are a master of conveying character emotions.

But in my recent (successful) read of the story, I not only cried as I read the story, but I was in such awe and I admit even had a minor case of depression once the story ended (that still lasts until now). As I read Scarlett's tale it was like reading an almost perfect mirror of my own life. No other character in fiction can I identify with and share pain with as Scarlett O'Hara. She's easily the most self-centered delusional "#$@%_" you can ever find in fiction but the magic of Mitchell's writing is that she makes you feel sorry for her even if you didn't come from the life story I did. How she perfectly captures Scarlett's remorse is truly the sign of a master writer (something the movie failed to portray when I rewatched it also recently despite the movie introducing me to this fiction).

Reading Gone With the Wind shook the foundations of my personality (and I go as far as saying) soul. Seeing myself reflected through Scarlett just further instigated the need to complete my Transformation and I learned to appreciate life and rather than succumbing and repeating Scarlett's mistakes in the novel.

If Saint Seiya got me into Astrology, which gradually led me to initiate my Transformation, Gone With the Wind boosted the rate of my transformation and increased my Scorpionic energy. I daresay I wouldn't have progress further than my last cap limit if I hadn't read (and finished) Gone With the Wind. Scarlett will have a special place as both my favorite fictional character and the one companion character I can easily weep with and share sorrow with as well as follow for a model of inspiration. I wish such a girl existed, I would quickly befriend her and if I'd push myself to the point of obsession and death just to wind such a girl's love and I would be as patient as Rhett was.

Just a bit to add-I disagree with Linda Goodman about Scarlett being the epitome of Aries. I honestly think she's a Scorpio with a Moon in Aries and Pisces Rising (which proves I don't think Goodman was completely off-I just think though Aries Moon is more suiting than Aries Sun).

Though if there was an option I'd choose a nicer girl as my Scarlett (which was Rhett's mistake IMO in the story). Preferably one who's still a Scorpio but with a moon in Sagittarius (for lots of reasons that would get off-topic but unlike Aries Moon Saggie Moon are generally morally strong with integrity-something Scarlett lacked). Actually now that I think of it I'd prefer the more fiery movie Scarlett (this time also with a moon in Sagittarius for the same reasons above) ^^.

I can clearly see myself in Scarlett and from an Astrological perspective I immediately identified with Scarlett and completely believe she has a Quincunx between Sun and Moon like I do (Pisces and Leo Quincunx and Scorpio and Aries also Quincunx). I'll save the Astro Jargon for another time.

You're looking at a REAL-LIFE equivalent of Scarlett O'Hara (except I'm male and I'm in many ways even much worse than Scarlett was). I would say first hand I don't deserve all the love I received from others and that I don't even deserve to be living a good life for all the damage I done and the wicked sociopath I was for half my life. So I know where Scarlett's coming from (though my case was much worse and even far more inexcusable than Scarlett's).

In fact Gone With the Wind will continue impacting my life even more-well have to see how my readings on the Civil War go and I'll pos

10/20/2013 06:50

Oh my gosh, GWTW has been my all time favorite book for 25 years and I have read it several times in that timeframe-. However, out of boredom this summer I decided to read it again, have found a new passion for it and have become completely obsessed!! I even re-read it! In the last few weeks I have spent countless hours reading about it and the cast, watching the movie, searching online, etc...Yesterday, I was thinking maybe I should talk to my therapist about this and maybe completely cut myself off- now that's pretty bad. I have always said the book has haunted me and have never been able to get away from it. I hate to say it but sometimes I wish it was never written! I think I would be able to die happy if I had an original signed photo of Clark Gable or anything from GWTW. Now that is sad! Please, someone help!!!!

05/07/2014 01:25

I first saw GWTW when I was 13 years old, in Buenos Aires, where I live- I didn,t know anything about movies, stars, GWTW.... nothing!!, but when I saw the name Vivien Leigh in one of the movie theater doors I asked my mom who was she?- When Scarlett first appears at Tara with the boys, mom told me: "There, she is Vivien Leigh" and she punch me in my head!!!. Since then I saw this movie almost 600 times and I have the biggest GWTW collection outside USA. I just opened my GWTW IN ARGENTINA blog- Because of this film I began to search, and learn, EVERYTHING in movies, Art, music..etc- and now I am a teacher on Fine Arts in an University in Buenos Aires- GWTW certainly gaves me a LIFE!!!!!-


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